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Creep dog pt 3

Creep dog pt 3


Probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever gotten to photograph.

Congratulations to Ben and Jen you crazy cats.

Who’s paying the small fortune to see Comback Kid and Rotting Out tonight?

I’ll see you there.


In another attempt to separate my photographs from my personal posts/reblogs I’m going to use this other blog for my personal stuff and continue to use this blog for just photography/creative things. Follow me if you are interested in my personal life at all but I’m pretty boring so I don’t blame you for not!

Took some photos for Anth and Elese before their wedding this weekend. I’m really keen for Saturday!

Birds pick the ticks from the herds.
Tongue loses grip on its words. 
Fast cars jump curbs.
What we did in Swineburne Park wasn’t worth much 
but it’s worth this remark:
We mated out of season and spent the winter grieving.

You said there’s gold in them there hills. 
You said there’s pleasure in crushed pills. 
You said you’d take them over meals
God I hate the sound of your voice.

You wanna be a rich Henry Darger,
but it don’t work that way, partner.
You’ve gotta live in those trenches.
You can’t eat off real art.

(Source: Spotify)

Joe in HD

Joe in HD

I doubt anyone on here has any interest but recently I bought a bike to work on. It’s a 1969 Honda CB250 K0 Twin. I’ve wanted a CB since when I was a kid and my brother had one from sometime in the 80’s. 

It is sure as hell testing my mechanical knowledge though and I’m probably in too deep but I’m enjoying it and for $200 I think it was a pretty solid investment/project.

The last image is what the bike would look like in perfect condition, the image is a 350 but they are essentially the same bike.