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Anonymous asked: You seem cool. I'm sorry you're having a rough time. I hope things get better soon!

Thanks anon

Anonymous asked: Do you work with film/like working with film?

Ah sometimes. I enjoy how film works and that’s why in most of my photos I am essentially trying to rip off the characteristics of film and apply them to a digital medium. Nothing beats the real thing though. I shoot film sometimes but it’s a bit of a costly process and I’m lazy. I should do it more though.

Anonymous asked: What are you reading right now? What are you watching? What are you listening to?

Reading - Not a whole lot lately, I’ve tried a few books but nothing has been grabbing me which sucks because I miss reading.

Watching - Supernatural, it’s awful but it’s so easy to watch.

Listening - New albums by United Nations, Punch, Raccoon City PD and that new PBTT song among other things.


Hey joeandersons, I sent you an ask about coming over to eat cabbage curry and either the app ask box doesn’t work or you hate cabbages, both of which are pretty devastating.

I can’t believe I didn’t get this sooner! I would have been all over some cabbage with my adopted family. I think there is something up with our tumblrs aha because it won’t let me write a reply to this and the other day I tried to send you an ask and it wouldn’t let me!

Anonymous asked: Are you excited or nervous to move states? Or a combination of the two?

I’m not really nervous at all. The majority of my closest friends are also moving and I want the change. It’s still a while away though so I haven’t put heaps of thought into it just yet.

Anonymous asked: What the blooming hell is going on, joe? Girl troubles? I'm sure you can dig yourself out of any hole your in. If not, just get Sam to dig you a nice big new one and snuggle in with him. Life ain't so ruff mate. You've got it good. Remember that. Perspective.

I appreciate the sentiment but I feel there is more factors that come into to it than just “having it good”. Not everything is so black and white, especially when mental health is involved. This also isn’t all to do with a single situation. I also understand that many people have it worse and I am thankful for my life but don’t belittle someone’s state of mind when you quite likely have no idea what they have gone through or are going through.

Ask me anything

I’ll probably only get mean asks or get accused of sending them to myself even if I do get any, but hey take my mind off the stupidity of everything.

One of my top 5 best Australian heavy releases since I started listening to heavy music however long ago. This album is so fucking solid. I remember seeing them play in Port Macquarie in maybe 2006-07 and they ruled then as well. It sucks they broke up. 

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Initials | Melbourne | 2014

Safe Hands | Melbourne | 2014